Alltel Business Solutions Opens its Door to United 


December 2016, Alltel Business Solutions commences operations in the UK and started providing solutions to its clients in the GCC. 

Operating in an extremely regulated market is a testimony of operational standards that are adhered at Alltel Business Solutions. This expansion is only possible due to utmost confidence expressed by some of esteemed clients and after considering their requirements. 

Christmas party 2016 at Alltel Philippines 

A party was arranged to ends the year 2016 and Celebrate Christmas. The event was arranged to the staff and was duly attended by some of our clients and distinguished guests.
Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, a raffle draw was arranged where lucky staff won some valuable gifts, which further enhanced the joy of Christmas. 

Dinner with the Debt Collections Association of Philippines

Alltel Business Solutions was invited for a dinner with the Debt Collections Association of Philippines, which was duly Hosted by Atty: Paulion E. Cases jr.  
The even was attended by other local debt collections agencies in the Philippines. 

Alltel Business Solutions Opens it Doors in Manila - Philippines

May 2016 - Alltel Business Solutions ventured in the Philippines and has set-up a full functional BPO unit along with Field Operations. Though team is small, but very experienced in their field and has started giving desirable results to our clients in the GCC.